How Much Is a Life Worth Video

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“By the time I started in recovery for my drug addiction and alcoholism, I was consuming massive amounts of these chemical substances. After miraculously surviving and finally making it to treatment, I was so sick—I didn’t think I was sick. I have since realized that is really, really sick. Think about that for a moment: an illness that won’t allow you to see how sick you really are, or be able to distinguish between the true from the false. And realize this is all happening in the computer of a human being, the center of their minds.

“This type of behavior can confuse, disturb, or make a neurotic out of any family member, spouse, friend, or employer of those afflicted with the disease of alcoholism, drug, or one of the many other addictions. BUT THERE IS HOPE!!

“My job as an interventionist is to help empower those concerned to motivate the addict into a positive direction where they can receive the help they truly need. Through love, compassion, and my 25 years of experience in this field, we together can find a chink in the armor that their ego has built through which the light of reason can shine through.

“There is no greater privilege for me than to assist someone to come back from the dead. Please—with God’s grace, make that call. How much IS a life worth? And if you want what you’ve never had, you have to do what you’ve never done. God Bless.”



Use this assessment as a tool to help you determine if your loved one may be helped by an intervention.


Stephen Fuccello - Interventionist

Association of Intervention Specialists

Association of Intervention Specialists