How Much Is a Life Worth?

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Alcoholism and drug addiction are two of the most hideous and devastating perils of the human experience. The alcoholic/addict at the peak of their disease is extremely unattractive, if not disturbing for all to see and experience.

Millions upon millions of individuals and families suffer from this affliction and its daily ramifications, in both human and financial tolls.

But there is a solution, even for the most hopeless. For many—an intervention is the only remaining option to move the alcoholic/addict into a positive direction. It is the beginning of the road toward their recovery.

I am here to help you take that crucial first step.


Our Mission and Services

Have God Will Travel Interventions was created to provide Intervention, Consulting and Monitoring services to the alcoholic/addict and their families, providing hope when little seems possible.


About Stephen Fuccello

Stephen Fuccello, the founder of Have God Will Travel Interventions, is himself a recovered drug addicted alcoholic who has been active in the recovery field for nearly 25 years, and a candidate member of the Association of Intervention Specialists.


What is an Intervention?

Intervention stage

An intervention is a deliberate and planned process through which change is introduced into the alcoholic’s or addict’s thoughts, feelings and behaviors. It is the act of coming between an individual and a behavior, e.g. alcohol abuse, drug addiction, self-mutilation that has become harmful or life threatening.



Use this assessment as a tool to help you determine if your loved one may be helped by an intervention.


Stephen Fuccello - Interventionist

Association of Intervention Specialists

Association of Intervention Specialists