Our Mission and Services

Have God Will Travel Interventions was created to provide Intervention, Consulting and Monitoring services to the alcoholic/addict and their families, providing hope when little seems possible.

The mission of Stephen Fuccello and Have God Will Travel Interventions is to build and create an experience for the alcoholic/addict and their families and loved ones, that allows them to break the vicious cycle of alcoholism and addiction, and to begin the process of ongoing and lasting recovery. This is accomplished through collection of clear, detailed, often documented information, presented in a loving, firm and supportive way so that the afflicted person is able to see the effect their alcoholism/addiction has had on everyone who is important to him as well as on their own lives.




Use this assessment as a tool to help you determine if your loved one may be helped by an intervention.


Stephen Fuccello - Interventionist

Association of Intervention Specialists

Association of Intervention Specialists