"Steve has a focus, understanding and clarity that brings hope and change to alcoholics and addicts. As an alcoholic who attended AA meetings for years - in and out - it was my interaction and guidance from Steve that made the difference. He showed me how to break through my own barriers, misconceptions and personal walls and move forward in life. Not drinking was just the start. Having a rich, rewarding life full of joy and daily happiness was the result. Steve knows the way forward, and how to communicate that to those in need". ~ Don Zuckerman 

 "Stephen Fuccello helped save my life. He is a heavenly messenger who delivers God's message of love, grace, and hope about the disease of addiction and the spiritual loss that accompanies this affliction. Stephen is a living example of the tenet: TRUST GOD - CLEAN HOUSE - HELP OTHERS...I love you brother..." ~ Dr. Ricky Hanks. 

 “Mr. Fuccello has worked with literally thousands of people in recovery. His knowledge of recovery plus his passion for sobriety make him an extremely powerful and inspiring individual.” ~Jeff A. 

 The reason Stephen ‘gets it’ is because he has recovered himself from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body. His life is full of Life and God and Fellowship and Happiness, and maybe most of all Enthusiasm. Interesting word—en- meaning within, and –thiasm from the Greek word Theos, God. God Within.” ~Eric B. 

  “Stephen spoke and I heard a fervor and tenacity in his voice that I had never been exposed to before. He changed my outlook on sobriety and revolutionized the way I think about life. He helped me to understand that this isn’t about just not doing the drugs and alcohol. What he impressed upon me is that it is possible to live a life that is free from an obsession, which I myself was incapable of controlling". ~Jessica M. 

 “His capacity to motivate people about getting sober and staying sober is one of his greatest strengths. Stephen’s passion for sobriety through his own experience translates throughout his being, when one talks to him or listens to him. He has the capacity to listen when he should, and to talk from his heart when he should, both invaluable assets in the work of addiction.” ~Mark H. 

 “Thus Stephen can defeat the 3 D’s—denial, deceit, and defensiveness—of the recalcitrant candidates by inviting, not pushing, lecturing, or cajoling someone into recovery.” ~Dr. Bruce H 

 “Stephen always maintains parallel involvement with the sufferer’s families as well, being helpful in whatever manner the situation dictates so they can recover together, and have the family restored. He always deals with the facts and absolutes when working with alcoholics/addicts, as he did with my son and I. He is able to clearly convey the seriousness and gravity of the disease to the sufferer as they grapple with entering a recovery program. Stephen helps them to clearly see the devastating impact of their addiction/alcoholism on their loved ones as well as themselves. He is always honest, straightforward, compassionate, and loving. He uses whatever approach is indicated for a particular situation, and seems to be able to intuitively sense what will work at that time with an individual. His own personal story and misadventures prior to recovery provide him with an unmatched advantage when dealing with the denials of an addict/alcoholic.” ~Pamela M. 

 “I recommend him without reservation for his trustworthy, diligent, and inspiring attributes. Most of all, I recommend Stephen for the love and intensive care he gives to other struggling alcoholic/addicts. He has a history of adherence to proven recovery strategies. He gives his all to those that need to find a sober way of life.” ~Robin H. 

 “I can say Stephen has a special gift, passion, and knowledge of recovery to help anyone regardless of race, creed, wealth, etc. He knows that alcoholism/addiction affects everyone and does not discriminate in any way. Stephen does not either.” ~Warren B. 

 ”In my opinion the secret of Stephen’s success is his celebration of life. He celebrates his recovery! Every addict that is fortunate to meet Stephen wants what he has.” ~Craig L. 

 “Stephen has been clean and sober himself for over 25 years, and during that time, he has developed a remarkable knowledge and understanding of how the alcoholic/addict thinks and acts. In addition, his unmatched zeal for recovery and his charming positive attitude is very appealing to the alcoholic/addict who has lost all hope of recovery. This zealous attitude, in my opinion, makes Stephen a great ‘recovery salesman’”. ~Jason R. 

 “Stephen Fuccello has exhibited an unprecedented understanding of how the alcoholic and addict’s mind works. He has demonstrated patience, selflessness, and the knowledge needed to help alcoholics and drug addicts.” ~Michael H. 

 “Stephen is fully versed in all areas of recovery. He is familiar with resources such as psychologists, psychiatrists, and treatment centers on not only a regional level but also on a national level in many cases. Furthermore, Stephen has been both wealthy and penniless; he can thus apply himself to addicts and alcoholics of all stations, from the homeless to the multiple seven-figure incomes: professional, businessman, athlete, etc.” ~Dr. Bruce H. 

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